sneak peek pages from the retribution

artwork by alfonso ruiz

the many faces of pimpkillah

character designs by marco roblin

sloane sketches by alfonso ruiz

artwork by Gabriel Santiago

Artwork by Rosendo Santos & coloring by sarah bitely

Here are some of Christina Mirani's preliminary sketches for Pimpkillah: the protector. the first pimpkillah installment.

Sloane Stone's story starts off in Sudan, Africa where she works as a nurse in the various dangerous and war-torn villages. She defends the women and children of the villages she works against many acts of violence and cruelty. They refer to her as "The Protector."
A page from Pimpkillah: the descent, just a little teaser, check out more by ordering Pimpkillah february 17!
more images for pimpkillah: the descent
artwork by Rosendo Santos
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