artwork by alfonso ruiz

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read my interview with writer/filmmaker ryan bryant

My first ever on-camera interview with BoredomBreak

catch my writing tip for indie comics tracker on this live podcast from comikaze 2014

check out my interview with sf zine fest

interview with LA zine fest

pimpkillah con/fest schedule:

meltdown comics  
 7522 sunset blvd los angeles
january 31 2015

anaheim, CA
april 3-5 2015

artwork by marco roblin

all issues available here online!

pimpkillah: the descent

In this issue, Sloane Stone travels from SUDAN to LOS ANGELES in search of her estranged
sister, NAOMI. After discovering the shocking TRUTH about naomi, Sloane finds
herselfpropelled into a DARK world she could have never imagined.
And a dark SIDE of herself she thought would NEVER come out.

pimpkillah: the retribution

This issue follows Sloane Stone as she HUNTS down the pimp who nearly killed her sister, Naomi,
in a BLOODY tale of VENGEANCE. But with DETECTIVE Daniels investigating her sister’s case,
Sloane has to watch her back when playing both sides of the STREETS. When the young detective sees
her as a damsel in distress, how quickly will he learn that SLOANE STONE does not need saving?
She only wants RETRIBUTION.

  another issue of pimpkillah in the works!



october 2014

pimpkillah didn't have to go far for Stan Lee's Comikaze at the LA
Convention Center this past weekend. it was our first time at the show
and it was a pleasure to have tabled in artist's alley. it was a fantastic place to debut the latest Pimpkillah issue, The Retribution. I got to meet some great people and received awesome feedback on the new book.

comikaze, pimpkillah shall return 2015! 

april 2014

pimpkillah attended our biggest show to date, wondercon in anaheim, ca. not only was it large and in charge, being in artist's alley gave me a great opportunity to meet such amazing talented folks and get some really great advice. pimpkillah shall definitely return with a new issue by then!

feb. 2014

ah, our second la zine fest! two years in a row pimpkillah has had an amazing time tabling at lazf. great space at helms bakery. wonderful creators as always and the lazf crew put on a fantastic show. pimpkillah can't wait for next year's la zine fest -

dec. 2013

the first weekend of december i traveled up north to berkeley, ca to represent pimpkillah at east bay alternative book and zine fest. it was my first time in the berkeley area, i had a wonderful time meeting other creators and readers. i tabled with my favorite zine team piltdownlad, with kelly dessaint and irina dessaint. i can't wait to table again with them at la zinefest! check out the site for ebabz here:

nov. 2013

this month pimpkillah ventured out to redlands, ca to table at ie zine quest or also known as inland empire zine fest. the venue was definitely the most unique and awesome pimpkillah has ever exhibited within. we were in the rustic alleyway next to augie's coffee shop. once again i met awesome creators of all sorts, got my palm read, and even read my personal poetry for the first time ever. in other words, an overall fucking great experience to say the least.   check out more info here:

and there's me and my great friend brodie hubbard who creates the zine fair dig - and hosts The Shakey Town Radio Hour!

oct. 2013

pimpkillah was lucky enough to be a part of san diego's first zine fest ever.
I shared a table with the awesome crusty comics team, my good friend brodie foster hubbard was there to premiere his second issue of fair dig, and also to document the whole day - check it out here

Here's a picture i took of the venue below, amazing
creators/artists/writers in the san diego area, can't wait for next year!

sept. 2013

Proud to say that sf zinefest was even more delightful our second year tabling there, we tabled with piltdownlad, a storytelling extraordinaire with dozens of awesome zines, check them out here -

and there's us and our table.

mar. 2013

Check out my q & a with kristen snyder, where she caught up with me at la zinefest to talk about pimpkillah, from inspiration to creation.

feb. 2013

pimpkillah: The descent released online!

we also got our first mention in the press, in la weekly! check it out below
revenge of the zines

LA Zinefest was an extreme Success! So many awesome awesome artists and writers, always an inspiration to meet other creators. a special thank you to all everyone out there who showed support by showing up at my table or donating to the pimpkillah cause. we couldn't do it without out you guys! read more about the experience and see some pics at: 

also, please check out my on the fly interview with brodie
foster hubbard at LA zinefest where I discuss the zinefest, pimpkillah, and what's to come next! - my intv is halfway through the podcast if you can't listen to the whole thing at once ;)

you can follow shakeytown radio on twitter to see their latest podcasts and events

second installment of the pimpkillah saga debuted 
February 2013 at la zinefest

check out more panels in artwork

Pimpkillah Productions

Join Sloane Stone as she viciously
ravages LA's underbelly of crime and prostitution to avenge her sister, Naomi.

Now available!

pimpkillah: the retribution,

pimpkillah: the descent, 

and Naomi: Prequel to Pimpkillah

are all in stock!

written and created by sarah bitely; artwork by rosendo santos


Join Sloane as she starts out her journey in Africa. 

See Naomi's side to the story. In Prequel to Pimpkillah.

send me your address, and i'll send you your very own copy of pimpkillah.your donation includes shipping/handling. please help the pimpkillah cause! 

Prints for Sale 

$2/EACH OR 3 FOR $5

All proceeds go to producing more comics!

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